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Welcome to NZ Survivor Presentations.

The KCDC Civil Defence Emergency Management Office supports this initiative.

NZ Survivor is designed to have your family, group or workplace supported and assisted in being alone for 3 days or more in the event of a major civil defence disaster, such as a Major Earthquake, Fire and Flooding.

NZ Survivor conducts civil defence presentations for groups and business, with practical advice, strategies and amazing equipment, kits, packs and cabinets, individually designed for different environments and dangers.

This presentation is designed to be thought provoking for all and covers Isolation, Separation and No communication.

Ricky Mark, Project manager, has been guest speaker for many businesses, groups and organisations, such as Rotary, Probus, Lions, Diabetes NZ, Churches and many Retirement homes to name a few.

The information is not doom and gloom, but comes from a positive perspective and has you thinking right from the start. It is imperative you know what to do when the big one hits and hear this presentation. 


Will you be a NZ Survivor?  Free Call  0508 69 78 78