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NZ Survivor bush course

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NZ Survivors Civil Defence & Urban Survival business has formed an amazing partnership with the best in the business, regarding bush safety & enjoyment, none other than, The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council.

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council & NZ Survivor have created a 24 hour, overnight course, which can include everyday people, families, friends, strangers, groups or teams, away from modern day life & technology, in a safe & supportive environment in New Zealand's bush land.

Regardless of age, fitness & profession we will teach you how to build a shelter, basic trapping, signaling, basic bush / survival food, bush first aid, fire lighting, river crossing and weather interpretation.  Both the participant and Trained New Zealand Mountain Safety Council team members have the right to abandon the course at any time, once commenced, if the limits of the participants or environment become likely to result in anything other than, you staying a NZ Survivor.  A safe-zone will be set up with your emergency shelter, blankets, food & water for if you need them. However, the above items will not be required in the course itself, as you will be living and surviving off the land. Depending on the environment, fire lighting may be prohibited which will also add to the challenge.

Once your skills have been developed, NZ Survivors advanced course will be available where by the above course will be done over a 2 night , three day period where your are by yourself, alone in the bush.  After the NZ Survivor courses are complete, we will suggest and promote you take an interest in any of the many other courses and qualifications offered by The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council. We hope to inspire and teach our communities to get into our amazing New Zealand bush land, in a safe and educated manner, where by New Zealand's spectacular journeys and adventures await you.

With knowledge of The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, you will be armed with the tools for every chance at being a NZ SURVIVOR.

Courses cost $350 per person, group discounts apply, and are largly held in the Wellington region. There is also the option to base a survival course anywhere in New Zealand on your own terrain.

Please register your interest by contacting, we will call you back to confirm when your learning and adventure starts.