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Disaster recovery planning, also referred to as Business Continuity Planning is not a new process and has been a risk management tool used by corporate entities and larger businesses for many years.

What is new, however, is that Alan Race on behalf of Crombie Lockwood has created this guide aimed at introducing the concept to owners of small to medium sized businesses so that they can understand the need and value in creating the management decisions they will need to make should a disaster strike their business. It is a regrettable fact that irrespective of how much insurance cover a business may have at the time of a major loss, many operations which have been in this position have failed financially within a two to three year period as a direct consequence of poor management decisions which were made following the disaster their business experienced.

A common question asked of the Crombie Lockwood staff by those who suffered damage to their businesses in the Canterbury earthquakes was who could give them the advice they needed and help them make the decisions necessary to try and get their business back into operation. Insurance policies are only tools to provide the capital funding necessary at the time of a loss; unfortunately they do not provide the business decisions needed to aid the recovery from a major disaster. The business owner is ultimately the only person who can steer their business down the road to recovery, but making key decisions when emotionally affected by the crisis is fraught with risk.

The sole purpose of a disaster recovery plan is to allow the business owner to make these necessary management decisions at a time when there is no disaster and clear thinking can prevail. Making reasoned planning decisions that can be shared and evaluated with others will also allow key staff to become involved and provide the additional support needed at the time of crisis.

To unlock the mystery of the disaster recovery planning process and to help the business owner to be prepared when disaster strikes contact Ricky Mark