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NZ Survivor 2 Person 3 Day Ultimate Pack

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Detailed Description

After being asked many times what Ricky Mark has in his own survival kit we've put together the Ultimate one and two person kits which are identical to Ricky's personal kit.

Exclusive to NZ Survivor, this solution contains all of his favorite items and is suitable and user-friendly for anyone who wants to be fully prepared for any emergency.

If you are serious about survival, this is a must-have kit for you!

To guess is cheap, to get it wrong is expensive...

Ultimate Kit containing gear for 2 people for 3 days.


Quality, durable backpack

2 x NZ Survivor Solar Powered LED light cap

2 x Palm Torch - no batteries required ever! 5 pumps lasts an hour of bright light

2 x Torch, radio, siren and cell-charger - no batteries required ever! Used in all of the Christchurch earthquakes, and because of the great quality used in Christchurch hospitals and operating theatres!!

2 x Food Rations – 1 person 3 days food rations, up to 5 years shelf life

2 x Water Rations – 10 x 50mls water rations, up to 5 years shelf life

Water Purification Tablets - 50s


2 x NZ Survivor Emergency Blanket

2 x NZ Survivor Emergency Poncho

2 x packets of waterproof matches

18 x P2 Quality dust masks

2 x Quality leather gloves

4 pairs Earplugs

2 x Clear goggles

6 x 12 hr light sticks

2 plastic drink bottle

2 x black rubbish bags

2 x eztowels - tube of 10

Hand Sanitiser

Survival Whistle

Sheffield 18-in-1 Multi tool includes; needle nose pliers, regular pliers, can opener, 2 phillips screwdrivers, 2 slotted screwdrivers, wire cutters, clip point knife, serrated knife, wood/bone saw, metal/wood file, wire stripper, awl, punch, regular knife, fish hook remover & belt pouch 

Shovel Pick

Solar Shower

6mm multi-purpose cord - 10m length

1kg dry powder fire extinguisher

Roll-on Insect repellant and Sunblock

First Aid Kit, containing;

2xTriangular Bandage with pins

1xEye pad

2xWound Dressing

1xNon Adherent Dressing

2xGauze Swabs 2's

1xBandage - 5cm

1xPaper Tape Roll

20 Plasters

4 x Assorted Plasters: 2 knuckle 2 fingertip

1xFirst Aid Tweezers


4xAntiseptic Wipes

30ml Irrigation Solution

1xCPR Resuscitation Mask

1xFirst Aid Tips

1xAids/Hepatitis Warning Label

Carry Pouch

Clean Up Bag (Contaminant)