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Emergency Kit

When unexpected events put lives at risk, it’s always better to be prepared. With our emergency kit, you will have crucial items to keep yourself going. We stock a variety of kit sizes to accommodate one or more people with a single purchase. Stay prepared with NZ Survivor.

Emergency Survival Pack Types We Stock

Here are some of the New Zealand survival kits you can expect from us:

  • One-person three-day survival pack. Contains vital components necessary for survival neatly packed into a backpack for easy carrying. Includes drink bottle, water purification tablets, first aid items, a survival knife, waterproof matches, rations for three days, and more.
  • Two-person, three-day survival pack. Includes everything you’d find in the one-person emergency bags but has enough rations to keep two people going for three days. Also includes enough emergency blankets and waterproof ponchos for two people.
  • Four-person, three-day survival pack. Similar to the one-person survival pack, only the rations accommodate four people for three days. You will also find four emergency blankets and four waterproof ponchos in the bag.
  • Mobile response kit. A civil defence emergency kit designed to help you navigate and stay alive. These kits include blankets, ropes, a stretcher, water, water purification tablets, saws, a sledgehammer, an axe, gloves, pliers, and more.

When emergency strikes, having the right civil defence kits in your building can help keep many people alive. With our options for an emergency kit, you can meet the requirements for a variety of emergencies and stay prepared.

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