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First Aid Kits NZ

Having first aid kits in NZ on hand when an emergency occurs can dramatically increase your odds of survival. Whether the emergency is an injury to a staff member or a full-blown earthquake, it’s always better to have your first aid gear ready and waiting. At NZ Survivor, we want to help you prepare for the worst, and with our first aid kits, you can do it.

First Aid Supplies We Have Available

Here are some examples of things we can provide that can go into your workplace first aid kit:

  • KN95 masks. These masks offer low breathing resistance and high filtration efficiency. They fit comfortably over your face with a double-elastic loop system and an adjustable nosepiece.
  • Emergency blanket. These wind- and waterproof blankets offer high protection and insulation to help regulate body temperature.
  • Fire blanket. When fire breaks out, it’s always good to have ways to deal with it. Our fire blankets make smothering fires an easy task, so you can better keep everyone safe.
  • Emergency grab-and-go bag. Having bags to keep your first aid items in makes accessing them and moving them from one location to the next a much simpler task.
  • Various medications. We have itch-soothing creams, burn-soothing creams, hay fever relief medication, bandages, plasters, sterile wound dressings and more. We can provide you with all the emergency products you are likely to need.

Always prepare a first aid box in NZ so you don’t run around struggling to find what you need during an emergency. With our first aid kits in NZ, you know what you have on hand and where you keep it. Preparation helps keep a wide range of emergencies under control.

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