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Emergency Disaster Preparedness

              We are New Zealand’s choice for workplace Civil                                           Defence Equipment, Emergency Training and First Aid Supplies.

NZ Survivor is proudly a 100% New Zealand owned and operated family business.

For over 15 years, NZ Survivor has been supplying and assisting Kiwi homes and businesses with Civil Defence emergency training, including, stocking the full range of workplace emergency survival equipment. 

NZ Survivor has experience pre and post Christchurch earthquakes, working to keep businesses like yours prepared. (We were operating BEFORE the Christchurch earthquakes.)

Knowledgable Staff

NZ Survivor and Partners deliver top quality workplace Civil Defence equipment and training, Then we help manage the future stock expiry and replenishment dates at no additional or annual cost.

We formulate our plans

NZ Survivor can complete onsite workplace audits, assessments and training based on the unique needs of your business, location and teams.

We supply full product lines for Civil Defence & First Aid Cabinets/kits exclusive to NZ Survivor.

We offer FREE team talks / training for our business customers.

Again, NZ Survivor manages your emergency stock expiry dates for FREE over the term of our relationship. No Annual Management fees.

Tips you should consider when choosing a workplace Civil Defence supplier.

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100% New Zealand owned and operated

Our Vision

NZ Survivor will support and educate the large portion of New Zealanders who are unprepared for an emergency situation, by offering products, advice, resources and training, before they need it.

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Why use us?

We have been supplying information, products and services in order to keep New Zealanders safe for 15 years.
Our company’s mission is to provide you with what you need to get through an emergency, before you need it.

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