What should you consider and expect, when choosing a workplace Civil Defence supplier?

If they don’t understand your site, how do they know how to protect you, with an emergency kit?

The real answer is there is no one size fits all. NZ Survivor’s workplace Civil Defence solutions entirely depend on your workplace, how many team members and where you all operate.

You could be a one band man on-road, or you could be like one of our customers that has around 150 sites around the country and each site has under 10 team members. Then again, you could be like another and have 1200 people on 12 levels of one building. Then boom! You have expiry dates that are time bombs, happening at different times, thousands of them to manage.

The correct initial question is how many team members do you have on each floor, of each building, of each location? Each floor needs protection independently but it can be done in a way that lends itself to others, if need be and the opportunity exists.

NZ Survivor does onsite audits and free assessments New Zealand wide. If we don’t understand your business, how can we protect it?

Tips to consider when choosing a workplace Civil Defence supplier.

If you are a large business with existing equipment, make sure any rival company NZ Survivor is competing against for your business, comes onsite personally and offers you a no obligation Audit, Report and Recommendations free of charge, anywhere in New Zealand. (Our competitors not only charge for this but do so per bin or per cabinet plus travel costs.)

It is not acceptable for them to ask you to provide them NZ Survivors Raw Data, Audits, Reports and Recommendations to duplicate our ideas and in turn, undercut NZ Survivor. If they are serious about completing against NZ Survivor, lets compete and then you can compare apples with apples, consider all information and can decide who has the best solution that works for you. It’s a great place for a customer to be in and a process NZ Survivor is very comfortable about being a part of.

Make sure you get an itemised list of all emergency equipment, the description of each item and cost of each item, that makes up the entire quote.

If you ask us to protect 100 people for three days, that’s exactly what we do. Our competitors only put 8 emergency blankets in a 100-person kit. By manipulating the volumes and only giving an overall quote, they will make their solution seem cheaper, what they are actually doing is making it not fit for purpose. The other thing to look at is when companies put little wrecking bars and tools in your kit. NZ Survivor wrecking bars, sledgehammers, Axes, etc. are all proper tools, not toys. Often, we see 300mm wrecking bars included from our competitors, NZ Survivors are 900mm. Remember if you need it, you need it to work. Do not be fooled by ploys to make competing solutions seem more cost effective.

Ask if there is an annual management or maintenance fee to manage your expiry dates. (Or if they charge you to reaudit them.)

NZ Survivor charges no ongoing maintenance or audit fee, we do this free of charge as part of our commitment to be a valued supplier, well into the future. The easier we make your job, the longer you will keep us on.

Free Team talks nationwide.

NZ Survivor can complete free team talks nationwide. We pull out all your gear and talk to the team about what it is and what it’s used for. At the same time, we talk about the team member’s personal responsibility to be prepared at home. The more your team is prepared at home, the more it shares the weight of responsibility between the organisation and the team members. Most teams think you have helicopters waiting in the wings to fly down and scoop them up. The team talk can be done online too, each participant will receive a certificate of participation when completed, that way you know they have done it and it’s a valuable inclusion in their health and safety file.

In reality, there is no Civil Defence team that is coming to rescue us, by us all being prepared and helping others, we are all the real Civil Defence team.

Training and emergency water replenishment.

NZ Survivor can assist with specilised training such as First aid and Fire warden training, active offender training, business continuity training, pandemic training, CIMS training, etc. You can view the full list and trainers here. The trainers are real life emergency managers that have held top level positions in police, Fire, Military and Civil Defence. NZ Survivor can manage your emergency water replenishment nationwide. We are a true ‘one stop shop’ for everything Civil Defence and First Aid supplies.

Giving back to the community and not the landfill.

NZ Survivor donates any redundant gear we take out that can be useful to Scouts NZ, Schools, Serach and Rescue, Foodbanks, Community groups and even overseas places that are having natural disasters. we have sent both new and redundant equipment overseas to a number of disasters. This way we find a use for it, and you can get as close to your zero-waste policy as possible

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