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Windup, Solar, USB Torch-Radio


New Zealand’s best Torch Radio, suitable for charging a Smart phone or tablet during a power cut or Civil Defence emergency.

This is ‘the brightest torch and best radio of any wind-up models we’ve seen’ according to Consumer, New Zealand.

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NZ Survivor’s windup, solar, USB charging Torch Radio…Be prepared for any emergency, power cut or take one out camping.

In NZ Survivors Test. 1 minute winding, aiming for 2 revolutions per second, the radio went independently for up to 10-15 minutes+.

In NZ Survivors Test. 1 minute winding, aiming for 2 revolutions per second, the torch went independently for over 20 minutes+

Additionally, one full usb charge being able to get up to 2 hours on the radio or up to 3 hours on the torch or a combination of both.


NZ Survivor is excited to continue to promote You can get 6-20 minutes output from the torch or radio, off one minute winding when used properly and according to the instructions included with the unit packaging.

Please note location and signal strength may limit radio performance.

One minute winding at 2 revolutions per second  is harder and longer than most people think. NZ Survivor believes it is worth every second when you have no other option in an emergency, after every other battery has died.

We encourage you to fully charge it initially with USB.

After that complete the one minute test above every 6 months, Its awesome!


  • LED flashlight
  • AM and FM Radio with speaker
  • USB output for charging smart phones
  • Solar power or hand crank dynamo
  • Charge the internal battery using USB power source

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