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Update your Civil Defence Cabinets, Kits and Equipment

NZ Survivor offers custom solutions to suit your team regardless of if you are starting from scratch or just upgrading your existing solution. We can offer;

  • Free assessments, onsite audits, reports and recommendations for our customers.
  • Maintain your safety stocks and report on when and what needs to be updated. This reporting is free of charge for our customers.
  • Emergency water replenishment. Let us change your emergency water for you while you get on with what you do best.
  • Onsite fire warden training, first aid training. Being a responsible employer we know you want to ensure the safety of your employees.
  • Monthly office first aid kit replenishment with your team.
  • PLUS Leasing options to cover all of the above. As a guide, an order of approx. $5000 worth of Civil Defence equipment can be leased from around $31.54+GST per week.

NZ Survivor will come in and work with you to find a solution that suits your team.

Call or Email to get a FREE assessment or to arrange your CD Audit and Recommendations.

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  • if required

Our Custom Civil Defence solutions can include different sized cabinets, wheelie bins for mobile use and Personal Isolation Kits or packs for your team’s work stations and cars. Dangerous-goods storage. Generators and Safes. Full pandemic supplies, First Aid kits 1-100 team members, Emergency Blankets & Ponchos (wool mix available) safety goggles & helmets, Disposable earplugs, Whistles, Sanitary requirements, Stretchers for all requirements, Rescue ropes (including Kernmantel), Water containers or storage solutions, (we can change the water for you) Food & water that last 5 years, (low maintenance) Ladders, Axe, Bolt cutters, Wrecking bars, Hacksaws, Saw, Hand winch, Sledgehammer, Torch Radios that don’t need batteries – don’t be fooled by cheap online imitations. Dolphin floatable torch, Day/ Night Vests, Light sticks (12 hour.)

Our Custom Civil Defence Cabinets are made to your unique situation; We can service all cabinets and keep them up to date. Is your cabinet out of date? Call NZ Survivor and we will come and check it, report to you, then restock for you on your request.

Free call 0508 69 78 78 or email [email protected].

Many more options and items available, whatever your environment, we have a solution for you. To guess is cheap; to get it wrong is expensive. This will have you up to date with the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act and also the Health and Safety Act 1992. We all want our teams and ourselves to be safe in such events, NZ Survivor can show you how to do this with a budget that suits you and your needs!

These solutions are based on Civil Defence specifications, recommendations and requirements. We have solutions for any situation with professional advice.

Call 0508 69 78 78 or email [email protected] for a free, no obligation quote.

Your survival may depend on it!

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