IMT (Incident Management Team) Training


Real-life workplace emergency courses, delivered by real-life, New Zealand Emergency Managers.


Following on from the CIMS Training package this training focuses on the role of the Incident Management Team (IMT) in the leadership and coordination of an organisational response to an emergency event affecting the business and personnel of that organisation.

· The IMT is a structure that is established to reflect the scale of and provide coordination of a response to an emergency incident or event by the delegation of some or all of the CIMS functions to selected personnel.

· The purpose of the IMT is to ensure effective and appropriate coordination and communication between the respective functions of the organisation. An Incident Controller establishes the Incident Management Team (IMT) to support the Incident Controllers objectives to manage the organisational response to the emergency incident or event, to minimise effects on the organisation, and to enable a faster recovery from such an event.

Group size of 10 – 20 – onsite, at your workplace. $120+gst per person.

3.5 Hour workshop

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