NZ Survivor 3-day emergency bags compared to residential and budget kits.

NZ Survivor sells hundreds, if not thousands of 3-day emergency survival kits direct to the public. In saying this, NZ Survivor’s core business is delivering Civil Defence Cabinets, Wheelie bins, emergency bags and emergency training. This is done as an ongoing, managed replenishment package, to New Zealand workplaces and organisations.

If you are also interested in what to consider for a workplace Civil Defence kit, here is some information for you to consider.

Often, we have our 3-day emergency kits compared to residential kits and that is completely fine, if you are comparing apples with apples.

NZ Survivor has had a community education programme for over 15 years, talking at Workplaces, Schools, Retirement Homes and many public speaking events, including with and for Civil Defence over the years, showing people how to build their own kits at home.

With the community education programme, NZ Survivor completed this free of charge, nationwide. It is highly likely you know someone that has seen Ricky Mark do a Civil Defence presentation.

Let’s get something straight, our emergency bags are one of the most expensive on the market (worth every cent) Discounts are available if you purchase them in bulk as a workplace or are a team member of one of the workplaces NZ Survivor protects (20% off for team members.)

NZ Survivor will never want to be the cheapest, offering inferior products, in an emergency survival industry when superior products should be mandatory.

What are some of the differences in NZ Survivor emergency kits or survival bags?

Consistently, polls conducted on Survival Packs, hold including candles in high regard. The last thing you need in an earthquake, during aftershocks, is a candle and matches, especially in a workplace or on the 4th floor of your apartment that you are isolated on… let alone anywhere. That should be an instant failure in our book.

Fire is a major hazard after an earthquake. Fire units may not be easily deployed, let alone attend a fire in the event of a large earthquake. You need to be prepared to protect yourself. You need to actively eliminate hazards and risks, not introduce or encourage them.

Battery powered torches and radios are better, really?

NZ Survivor’s fancy Torch Radio

It’s true initially, I agree, but what about on day 3, 7 or day 12? You don’t even have to take batteries out of their packets, and they go flat. With NZ Survivors torch radio This is ‘the brightest torch and best radio of any wind-up model we have seen’ according to Consumer NZ. Last time they were compared, Consumer decided they were terrible… The torch actually increased in quality from the previous review but received a different result. (I believe they may have failed to wind it up according to the directions included.)

This unit has outstanding results and feedback from our customers. Yes, with some effort, you will always have a torch for light and a radio to receive communications. There are multiple ways to charge it. Here are the results you can achieve with one of our units. The payoff, with effort, is incredible!

With a battery torch and radio there is one thing that is guaranteed, it will eventually run out. (Which is fine if you are only without power for a day or two.)

We can only speak for our units as there are some terrible ones out there also, as with all products. If you are a person that diligently changes out your batteries and has good stocks, if that works for you that’s perfect, do what works best for you.

A comprehensive first aid kit.

Get a great first aid kit, when you grab this bag, it is because there is an emergency or disaster. NZ Survivor First Aid Kits are comprehensive.

Companies / people that provide first aid kits with 2 plasters and some tweezers should be ashamed of themselves and it is a clear indication of how effective their survival kits are. Fail, Fail, Fail.

Cheap facemasks and plastic bags.

NZ Survivor only includes KN95, N95 and FFP2s in any of our kits. These are not only for use in a pandemic but protect from concrete dust after an earthquake and are recommended for volcanic activity also.

We only Include Biohazard bags in our kits. When you are including bags for human and medical waste, there is truly no other option to safely contain this type of material. Not all plastic bags are created equal…and they will perish, and I bet you have seen this yourself, around the home.

1 person, 3-day emergency food rations with a 5 Year shelf life.

NZ Survivors emergency rations are the only 5-year ration solution in the country containing 9 individually wrapped ration bars. (Not in brick form, which deteriorates if punctured or opened and affects the entire food source.)  With NZ Survivors emergency rations, if you only need one day you can repackage the rest and it doesn’t need to be thrown away. You pay good money for these things, why waste them and have to throw them away if you don’t need them all at once?

Additionally, NZ Survivors emergency rations have a shelf life of 5.5 years from manufacture date which means you will have longer to use them. some suppliers out there have units that are promoted as 5 years but only have 4 years left on them after they get them to New Zealand and are stored.

We encourage you to Include your own personal gear.

It’s important you take some responsibility for yourself and include your own personal items. The main items are medication, glasses, hearing aids anything you would be at a major disadvantage if you were to be without. If you want particular hygiene products, toiletries, cards, etc., put them in. The moment you put just one thing in, it will feel like it is truly yours.

I recommend putting a small amount of cash and also your favorite photo or two, because if and when you need this bag, it will be even more precious and motivation to make good decisions in a disastrous environment.

Thank you for your time and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you as a business, team member or a member of the public.

NZ Survivor Limited

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Civil Defence and First Aid Equipment.

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